The spirit of Lallement Massonnot

Rigour and mastery

In addition to the obligations defined by the Champagne CDO, we work our vines with the rigor specific to our House. At each stage, we take the time necessary for precise and careful work on our 40,000 vines by regularly do autopsies for some of them to analyze the health of the "living wood".

The agroecological transition

Marked by extreme weather events during his first three harvests (hostile rain in 2016, intense storms in 2017, heat waves in 2018), Xavier has been working since 2019 to make his wine ecosystem more resilient. Already certified Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne for several years, he is committed to putting agronomic science back at the heart of the vines practices. Agroecology, still little practiced in Champagne, is seemed as obvious: sowing plant cover, planting trees, limiting tillage have been tried out for several years.

We work every day single day to enhance our terroir.

Sharing the magic of champagne

Marie and Xavier have their heart set on getting visitors to discover their champagnes and on promoting the terroir of Champagne. This is why they are now taking part in the region's oenotourism and have inaugurated a magnificent reception hall at the heart of the vineyards of Montagne de Reims with a stunning view of Reims, the "coronation city", and its cathedral. In this idyllic setting dedicated to champagne, they also train luxury and wine professionals with "High -flying Masterclass" (i.e TERRE DE VINS Magazine 2022 December).

A winegrower with a mission

Contrary to the general tendency which is to sell grapes to the "Grandes Maisons de champagne" and leaving aside the production of champagne labelled in one's own name, the Family is eager to hold its image high, along with the authenticity of our products. Their objective is to perpetuate the winegrower's know-how, and to participate in the diversity of champagnes by creating identity wines from the terroir, in oak barrels in particular. On our scale, we want to stimulate the Winegrowers creations in the face of the monopoly of the Big Houses.

Champagne Lallement Massonnot

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